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Miksi Armstrong Hoiva?

We offer our customers various personnel solutions, motivated and committed employees, and support for day-to-day work management. Our goal is to free up the time of supervisors and other management and administration employees to focus on their most important tasks. 


We strongly believe that Armstrong's operating model enables more committed employees, better management and time to do the right things, resulting in a better service for people. 


We are motivated by the continuous development and effectiveness of services, the opportunity to do things with higher quality, in a more human way and with strong professional pride. We want to understand our employees better through a culture of confidential discussion. We value everyone's work, we want to hear feedback about our work openly, and we are committed to develop the well-being of our staff together with our customers.

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Haluatko mukaan?

Many things affect well-being at work. Nurses are happy to work when their own wishes are genuinely listened to and their wishes are responded to. At Armstrong, employees have the opportunity to develop professionally and, for example, specialize in a certain specialty or form of treatment. Naturally, the financial compensation received from work must also be competitive, but not everything is decided by money, nor by blue-lit houses.  


In Armstrong Hoiva's safe, permanent employment relationships, proper remuneration and occupational health services that support the well-being of the working community and the worker are already a matter of course. Work is often done in teams, in which case the employee has the support of colleagues and the work can be divided more evenly.  Together we are stronger, together we can change the direction of the future and fix the problems in the care sector. In addition to salary, work must bring balance and security to everyday life. A good job creates the conditions for the future, that's why we want to help our employees take care of their own coping and work ability as well. 


Although it may be a bit of an old phrase, at Armstrong, our employees are truly our most valuable assets. That is also why we invest in them the most and want to help them find their own strengths, enable them to fulfill their professional wishes and support them in strengthening their development targets.  


Well-managed and well-treated employees are more committed and do their work with pride in their profession and the results of their work. In this way, the person receiving the service also receives good care and the customers are also satisfied. 


A positive atmosphere creates joy and smiles around. Let's create practices together to strengthen the community's pleasant atmosphere and make the care sector a place of positive energy and interest to work and apply for education again.  


Come and participate in a new kind of work community as a creator and developer. With us is Armstrong. Already today! 😊 

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