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Armstrong Linna

Armstrong Linna Oy offers better management, inspiring personnel solutions and a better working life.

Behind the company is a tough trio, Jukka-Pekka Annala, Kai Rautio and Sari Rautio. Jute is a champion of understanding people and versatile business operations, Sari and Kai have accumulated versatile and long-term experience in working life, its development and management over the years. It was time to use these accumulated experiences and refine their entrepreneurial skills.

"For us, and for many others, the necessary change in working life is clear. The phenomenon and problems, coping at work, the management challenges of a changing world, the availability of personnel, which cannot be answered with current means, were noticed. A common understanding gave rise to a composition of people who all had the same thought, idea and desire to refine it further.  The desire to do something about it arose. Armstrong Linna was founded as part of Armstrong Ammattiturva.", Sari Rautio says. 

The company was not founded based on a mere idea or need, but as part of a larger entity, Armstrong Ammattiturva. An entrepreneur does not need to manage alone, but creating a network is one important part of business operations and its success. Both the business idea and the practical operation are based on networking.

Kai 'Ratu' Rautio says: "In entrepreneurship, we are fascinated by the freedom of entrepreneurship. The fact that you can build your own team or the agile decision-making of business operations are the forms of freedom that we enjoy. However, at the same time we need to be aware of the risks. The rapid change in the world is the first to be seen by entrepreneurs and business operations. There is no buffer, just like for example in the public sector. Entrepreneurship also gives an opportunity to change the world, a way to do things better. Entrepreneurship is one way to leave your mark."

Entrepreneurship and public activity are mutually supportive, and a functioning society needs both. Experience from both brings know-how and understanding to combine them. The characteristic feature of time is that you cannot look at things from just one angle, but you have to manage wider entities.

Network competence, development skills, long-term development competence, enthusiasm, the ability to evaluate one's own competence and calculation competence (basic business competence) are the competence needs that an entrepreneur should have. Few individual people, at least at the beginning of the company, have all these skills and competences, and therefore networking and cooperation skills with the environment and other actors are needed. Armstrong Linna's third member, Jukka-Pekka Annala, brings strong experience and know-how to the table.

Network-like entrepreneurship is today. Even an entrepreneur cannot and does not have to manage alone.

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