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We want to build
a new kind of working life

A massive change is happening in the working life. In Finland, we have hundreds of thousands of unemployed at the same time as we have hundreds of thousands of open jobs. The employer has limited opportunities to develop the workforce in the direction they need, and the employees have limited opportunities to develop themselves without the support and guidance provided.

We want to build a working life where employees and employers can develop themselves and find each other. Armstrong Ammattiturva enables the employee a new kind of professional trajectory and the opportunity to develop into various tasks that interest them, even into a completely new profession. We help employers to gain more time, the opportunity to focus on core issues and flexibility, as well as professionals who are constantly becoming more and more qualified.

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Our services for employers

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Recruitment services

We help you find suitable people for management level as well as for demanding expert positions.

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Management team coaching

We train efficient and effective management teams.

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Personnel solutions

We identify and solve challenges related to personnel and personnel well-being.

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Personal evaluations

We conduct evaluations of management and key personnel to identify strengths and make full use of them.

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Business development

We help with business challenges related to profitability, financing and growth.

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Legal advice

We offer guidance and support in legal and administrative matters.

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Armstrong Hoiva Oy was founded during a major change in the care industry, where social security reform, new organisational structures, the Covid and perceived poor working conditions are shaking the working communities. The labor market needs now a wider change, also in nursing work. We at Armstrong have taken up the challenge of developing and bringing to the care industry a new way of managing and producing services, with a new starting point that also takes the employee's wishes into account. 

We at Armstrong Hoiva offer our employees a path to professional development, the opportunity to develop working methods and work in a renewing work community, professional and employment-related security, personnel benefits and fairer treatment. 

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Construction and industry

Armstrong Linna is located in Hämeenlinna. Linna offers personnel services and helps both companies and the public sector in the development of their operations. Longtime professionals Kai and Sari Rautio are the entrepreneurs behind Linna.

Ammattiturva Jiiri operates in Kuopio and its surrounding areas. It mainly focuses on construction professionals, but also offers experts from the mining sector and other industries. The entrepreneur in Jiiri is Tuomas Lappalainen, a multiprofessional from the construction industry.

Our services for employees

Armstrong wants to help employees develop in their profession - and thus secure their own competitiveness in the future working life. No one wants to be a pawn in another's game, and no one needs to be. Everyone should be able to develop in the direction they want - to new tasks or even to a new profession.


We are currently looking for employees in the care sector as well as in construction industry. In addition to our own companies, we recruit employees for our customers, so through us you can find many different jobs. See all job openings below.


Why Armstrong?



We offer permanent employment relationships and in addition to a competitive salary, we offer versatile personnel benefits.



We develop your skills and operating methods, and we want you to grow in the direction you want.



When you are part of the Armstrong family, we set goals together and support you in achieving them.

Current job openings


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If you are interested in talks about people, better working life and building business growth, listen to the Armstrong Podcast.


Who we are


Sami Inkinen

Our services online, for you


Jukka-Pekka Annala

Each of us wants to be the hero of our working life


Kai Rautio

Learning to take precise steps in life


Sari Rautio

When the whole takes shape, the details fall into place


Kaisa Isännäinen

Meaningful work, meaningful life!


Tuomo Saarni

Builder of brands and digital growth


Saana Perälä

Expert in financial management


Heikki Tiihonen

Helping companies with solid experience, business understanding, practical doing, and determined actions

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Olli Latola

Chairman of the Board

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Riitta Varpe

Advisory member


Let's be in touch

Armstrong Ammattiturva Oy

Tulli Business Park

Åkerlundinkatu 11 D, 33100 Tampere


Armstrong Hoiva Oy

Tulli Business Park

Åkerlundinkatu 11 D, 33100 Tampere

Construction and industry sector

Ammattiturva Jiiri Oy

Itkonniemenkatu 29 E, 70500 Kuopio

Ammattiturva Oulu Oy

Uusikatu 35, 90100 Oulu

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