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Jukka-Pekka, JP, or "just" amore for his wife. That's a few nicknames for the CEO the Armstrong family. To avoid confusion, we chose the email address

In addition to many nicknames, this fast-moving entrepreneurial soul has had time to try out and implement so many professions: coach, psychologist, cook, restaurateur, recruitment consultant, construction worker, painter, hockey player. The longest working career (on April 2022, it turned 25 years old) in the field of personnel and recruitment.

JP has a black belt in learning from mistakes and a brown belt in quick recovery. Hunger for learning, humility and curiosity about new things are traits that he brings to work every day. Changing the world for the better, and especially appreciating the professionalism of employees and finding talent, inspires this curious-minded "Teisko-Italian", who sees an opportunity for success in almost every situation. JP is a working life experience expert and challenger of pointless traditions.




Armstrong Ammattiturva Oy, entrepreneur and CEO 2022 - >

Koho Consulting Oy, MP Yhtymä Oy

Non-competition period and board work 2020-2022 - >

Adecco Finland Group, CEO 2016-2020

Recruitment service Sihti group, entrepreneur and executive 2009-2016

Dexter Oy, entrepreneur and recruitment consultant 2002-2008

Alén Consulting, recruitment consultant 1997-2002

Ice hockey coach jobs:

Kokkolan Hermes 1995-1997, Ilves 2002-2003

Junnuma teams 1997-2002 and 2005-2008



Master of Psychology

Tampere JOKO XX


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