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HEIKKI TIHIONEN 0400 251 519

Heikki Eino Tiihonen, team player, coach, team leader from Tampere. Working career in the insurance industry for three decades in various roles. As a passion, helping companies and people achieve success and well-being. A coach of people who has used the learnings from adult studies in everyday life, a person for whom the encounters are always important. Feet on the ground, heart warm and head in the clouds. Parties are great, but good everyday life is the best. Helping companies in risk management, occupational safety, financing and various change situations. Experiences as a leader and member of great teams. Proud of his home team; a wife he met when he was in the army and two daughters doing doctoral studies. A brave experimenter can best find his own place in the kitchen. Sports have always been an important part of the role of a player or coach. Basketball is still bouncing and it doesn't take much to attract a round of golf. "Together we will make it."


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