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KAISA ISÄNNÄINEN +358 44 4455203

Kaisa Liisa Isännäinen, a lawyer who settled in Tampere in the 90s from the shores of Päijänne via several cities. A mother and a business all-rounder, who, in addition to corporate and real estate law, has open-mindedly taken on managing directorships in companies in the tourism, real estate and service sectors, as well as in the social and health sector. The activities involved include the organization of work opportunities in companies, the creation of housing and service concepts for vacationers, as well as the curve of life, from the miracle of birth to the care and concern of the elderly. The work tasks have inspired me to supplement my skills with special degrees in property management, service design and business management. Gets to work with a human touch, looking for new perspectives and persistently striving for goals - and with a good team, getting there, too. Development ideas are born from the window to space while admiring the stars and the moon and in the night hours waiting for the appearance of the northern lights. Wants to see what's interesting behind the next hill - which explains why the straight path shown by the Sports Tracker has so many extra deviations. Balanced - at least the same clothing size for years - and a flexible lawyer. Yoga and long experience are behind her flexibility.


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